Bayi Moon comes from a mother’s heart. Parents want the best of the best fort heir children. With this in mind Monique van der Hoeven, mother of three, started the Dutch designer children’s  label Bayi Moon! Bayi (baby in Indian because of her Indonesian family) Moon (nickname for Monique) sells exclusive products such as sleeping-, buggy-, and car seat baby bags designed with great care for modern babies and children!

The luxurious, modern and quirky design of the Bayi Moon differentiates the brand from others. Under the supervision of Monique, the quality of the products of Bayi Moon is guaranteed and the products are manufactured with great care. The entire production process is monitored with full attention, materials are selected and prints are developed manually.

The extra personal care and sense of modernity gives Bayi Moon a new dimension. Explore this magnificent collection and let your child shine in a real Bayi Moon!